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Our Shop Team Shares a Tip: Don't Be a Fool!

Conduct a quality Pre-Trip Inspection for a successful trip. ITS drivers use Samsara equipment to input electronic DVIR information that quickly flags our Maintenance and Repair Shop Department. As the temperatures warm up, it’s so important to follow these steps:

Check All Fluids

Windshield Washer Fluid

windshield fluid

Engine Oil

engine oil

Coolant Fluid

Truck coolant

Power Steering Fluid

power steering fluid

Ensure Tire Pressure is at 110 PSI for Steers Tires and 100 to 105 PSI for Drive Tires.

tire pressure

Check All Lights


truck headlights

Reversed Backlights

ITS truck

Roof Lights

truck roof lights

Braking & Emergency Lights

truck rear lights

So, don’t be fooled, conduct proper and complete pre-trip check and avoid issues over the road.