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DXC: Elevating the Driver Experience At ITS

The days of the lonely truck driver are long gone. By integrating our new Driver Experience Coordinator (DXC) program, ITS is better equipped to support our drivers and their families on and off the road. To learn more, we talked about this huge update with a couple members of our team.

The ITS Team Difference

Supporting Our Drivers Every Mile

It’s easy to feel lonely on the road. From logging many hours far from home by yourself to counting down the days to come home, it’s no secret that long haul truckers need support on and off the clock. At International Transportation Services (ITS), we knew something had to be done to better connect with our drivers, especially after a year like 2020. Implementing the Driver Experience Coordinator role (DXC) and designing a Driver Experience Committee, offers all of our drivers an opportunity to share their experiences and challenges on the job and allows us to collaborate and deliver a solution in return. We sat down with some of our team mates to learn how DXC has impacted them and why they love working at ITS.

Building on Teamwork and Openness: The Key Differentiators

DX Committee & Driver Experience Coordinator (DXC)

This new committee is the heart of the ITS philosophy. “Our mission and values are centered around the drivers, we recognize their sacrifice and dedication, this is what sets us apart from other companies.” said Irving Avila, DX Coordinator at ITS. While our drivers do spend a lot of time on the road, they should be supported beyond the duration of a load. The new DXC enables all drivers an outlet to share challenges they face to find solutions. DXC goes the distance just like our drivers.

Technology Supported, Premium Equipment

 Driving is one of the more hazardous modes of transportation. So, it is crucial to keep all of our drivers safe by equipping them with trucks that have the latest safety features. Having top of the line trucks and equipment is a strict requirement set by ITS, for the benefit of our drivers and those we share the roads with.

ITS maintains enhanced safety procedures for the good of our drivers and their families. We are constantly in development of practices that drive the safety impact of our drivers. We’re humbly confident that our SMS scores speak for themselves. Besides, any job is harder to do with faulty equipment and trucking is no exception.

At our core, we are a company that is going to stand by our drivers and supply all of the necessary resources and solutions for whatever comes their way.

Maintaining a Clean Safety Record: Upkeep & Maintenance

Family and Locally Run Company with Driver-Centered Vision and Values

To be at our best, each and every member of our team has to be at their best and feel supported. In doing so, ITS has implemented top of the line safety precautions. As new technology is introduced to the market daily, our safety policies are in a constant state of improvement to make sure we keep up with the latest and greatest of what transportation tech has to offer. Drivers will remain the backbone of our economy for years to come, it’s our job to scout and inject technology that will improve their experience and heighten their safety awareness.

Nuts & Bolts: Keeping Our Trucks In A Row

Our premier safety expert, Jay Blobner, says, “Our efficacy standard is meant to not only protect our company but also our drivers and those we share the roads with.” Our company delivers WOW through service, so ITS sets the standard across the board for all of our associates to carry that value on through the work they do. ITS invests and upholds integrity in our safety and compliance operations.

Driver Support On and Off the Road

Maintaining Excellence Every Mile

It’s any driver’s worst nightmare when problems with their vehicle come up out of nowhere while on the road. Now imagine if that vehicle was a semi-truck… Before all of our drivers leave the yard to embark on their next planned load, our technicians give their trucks a thorough inspection to make sure their vehicles exceed expectations. If our drivers do encounter problems on the road, our team is equipped to meet our drivers anywhere to get them back on the road as soon as possible.

Caring For Our Drivers Off Road Through Empathy

The latest development in our safety and support network is the Driver Experience Coordinator, otherwise known as the DXC. The DXC acts as a liaison between our drivers and the corporate office. They offer a supportive ear to listen to any and all concerns and challenges and make it their top priority to provide solutions and feedback. Before establishing the DXC, drivers would have to solely rely on their freight operations focused direct supervisor, to field any off the road challenges or concerns.  Our DXC is able to provide a fresh and empathetic perspective. 

DXC: The Cherry On Top

For any team member, knowing there is a person with a listening and caring ear ready to give their support is everything. At ITS, our associates are not just listened to but they are truly heard. Among all of the other benefits we offer our drivers, the DXC truly stands out from the rest. Working at ITS means joining a highly dynamic team that is always looking to create new ways for our team to love what they do – every mile along the way.

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