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Why Work for ITS?

Work at ITS!

At ITS, we care for and support one another, which is how we’ve developed such a unique and great culture. Drivers and team members alike are valued and respected – making us a team, not just a transportation service.

Our long-haul truck drivers carry out some of the most laborious work in our company, and we recognize that. Social distancing is built into the profession so it is important that drivers become masters at balancing those long driving hours with self-care when they are resting or at home.

We strive to honor our drivers’ dedication and commitment to safety, efficiency, and being a team player. We want to reward your hard work, so we offer some of the best driver benefits in the industry:

90 day sign on bonus

  • $1000 bonus payout seems pretty good, huh? We think so, too. Working for ITS means great perks and benefits like this throughout your career – not just the beginning.


Referral, safety, mileage & MPG bonuses

  • Refer someone to work for us? If we hire them, you get a bonus for making our team bigger and stronger. We value your input and want to reward you for helping us grow!
  • Safety isn’t just about meeting requirements and checking off boxes; at ITS we prioritize the safety of our staff and customers. Every time your vehicle gets a clean inspection, that’s an extra $50 for you. Our commitment to safety is what makes us great and reliable, so when you uphold and demonstrate these values, we want to thank you!
  • When you drive smart and efficiently, your truck will yield a higher mpg. Not only does this translate into cost savings but it also helps contribute to improve our effect on the environment. When you meet our monthly MPG goal, we reward you with a bonus for doing your part.


Weekly direct deposit

  • Our weekly pay structure with direct deposit means you get paid often without the hassle of depositing a check.


Per Diem Pay

  • We grant per diem pay that offers tax savings for you.


Great Home-Road Balance

  • Long-haul driving is tiring and being on the road for days at a time means less time with your friends and family. We strive to maintain a solid work/life or, as we call it, road/home balance. With ITS, you can have a profitable career and enough time at home.
  • 99% of drivers reset at home, meaning you get to spend more time sleeping in your own bed.


24/7 Dispatch and Service Support

  • No matter where you are or what time it is, you’ll be taken care of by our support and dispatch team.

A Day in The Life of an ITS Driver

ITS trucker smiling

These benefits sound great, but what does a typical day for a long-haul driver actually look like?
We’re glad you asked. Our drivers each put their own spin on it to suit their individual needs and preferences, but overall, here’s what most days look like:

  • Most of us get an early start to the day, shower, and eat breakfast. We’ve gotta be energized for the day of driving ahead. 


  • Once that’s all taken care of, it’s time for the pre-trip inspection. We are responsible for validating that the vehicle is ready to go and everything is in working order. Diligence during  this part of the process is what keeps us and others we share the road with, safe!


  • It’s time to hit the road! Maybe there’s some traffic, or maybe you just get to cruise for a while. 


  • Once it’s afternoon, check in with the dispatch team about any updates or delivery information. 


  • Now it’s time for a lunch break, so get up, eat, and stretch your legs. Get some fresh air and reset for the second half of the day.


  • After that nice break, it’s time to get back on the road. After driving a while, some of us come to have our favorite rest stops or truck stops, so trying to end a day there is always great.


  • Once we’re done driving for the day, it’s time to find parking and get some work in order. Finding parking is no easy feat, so planning ahead and scouting early is essential and a veteran tip!


  • We’ve got the post-trip inspection (another safety measure where diligence is rewarded!) and then any maintenance or administrative paperwork to finish off the day.


  • Then it’s time for dinner and free time. We all value relaxation, but everyone’s got their own preferences, so do what feels right for you.

At ITS, Our Drivers Lead Our Team

Interested in becoming a driver for ITS? Join our team! We are hiring truck driving jobs all around the country. For more information to apply for an ITS Career, check out our job application today at: