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We’ve established a great culture at ITS that is hard to find or replicate. From our humble beginning until today, there is still a close bond between everyone here, whether it’s on the road, in the office or at one of our cookouts or celebrations. We care for and support each other. It’s an attitude our customers and team members appreciate. And that makes us more than just a freight carrier–it makes us a team.


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“Our leadership team is comprised of current or former CDL Class A, CMV drivers. We understand the commitment and dedication you and your family endure for every mile.”


Because our founders were once also the drivers, dispatchers and client representatives, our values of being innovative, ethical, reliable, courteous, responsive and professional permeate to all team members today. This tradition continues with our easily accessible management team and transparency.


We take pride in celebrating successes with one another and created a Driver Advocate position to support drivers through their journey with our company. Through the Driver Advocate, drivers have a seat at team meetings to represent their interests.

“ITS is truly a great place to work with an atmosphere unlike any other.”


ITS, Inc. is a local transportation company in El Paso, Texas. We think it’s important that local economies benefit from the activities of local businesses. We raise our children locally, and a healthy economy amplifies opportunities for their future.

    • Drivers only drive in the United States, not in Mexico.
    • We are proud of our great safety rating and it’s consequently related to our compelling recruiting and orientation processes.
    • All recruiting, hiring, and training processes are done by ITS, and never outsourced. Our priority has always been to carefully identify the right talent for our organization’s culture.
    • ITS Driver On-Ramp: Company on ramp videos, employee handbook: virtual and online for reference.
    • Road test done by our best ITS veterans

Compliance and FMSCA mandates are automated through:

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Our focus on innovation and technology facilitates symbiosis between operations and our fleet’s dispatch management systems. Using real time information to improve our operations produces various value-added advantages and efficiencies.

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